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Types of Programs

  1. Individual Diets Don't Work!® Sessions
    The initial consultation allows the counselor and you to tailor a program to meet your unique requirements. To date, there are thirty structured sessions used on an individual basis. Each session includes structured program materials, homework assignments, self-awareness exercises, insights, self-monitoring charts, and guided imagery or self-hypnosis to reinforce new thought and behavior patterns that work uniquely for each individual.

    You will also meet with a Registered Dietitian for a food plan consultation, body composition test, and metabolic rate tests. Optional medical doctor’s appointments are available. You will see more than just your jeans size change in your pre- and post-assessments.
  2. Diets Don't Work® Workshops
    The Diets Don’t Work® workshops take you through the core components of the Diets Don’t Work® Program. The group experience has been shown to exponentially increase self-awareness and healing.

    Most clients need a jump-start to break the habits of a life time. During this weekend workshop you will become aware of your unique triggers and causes of emotional overeating, so you can have a life-time free of disordered eating. This is a great way for you to build a new foundation for your new way of living.

    Click a location here to find a workshop in your area.

  3. Diets Don't Work® Groups
    You can attend weekly Diets Don't Work® support groups in different locations or attend our tele-groups. Our blog provides a way to stay in touch with other members who are going through the Diets Don't Work® Program between groups. See
  4. Online Sessions
    Diets Don't Work® provides online sessions and webinars. We offer a variety of online programs based on your individual needs. This website provides clients with a continuing connection to our program from any location that has Internet access.

    Please use the contact form or call us for more information about attending our various Diets Don’t Work® programs.

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