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Program Goals & Objectives

The Diets Don’t Work® Structured Program goals and objectives for our clients include:

  • Reduce obsessive thoughts of food, weight, diet, and body image
  • Connect with their internal Self, knowing what they need
  • Be able to calm and center themselves
  • Be able to communicate their needs in an assertive, compassionate manner
  • Understand the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger
  • Learn the effects of different foods on their bodies and emotions
  • Become aware of their own individual food triggers
  • Eat when hungry, make healthy food choices, and stop when full
  • Determine healthy portion sizes
  • Identify emotional eating and substitute appropriate alternatives
  • Deal with issues that are contributing to the disordered eating

We do not force clients. Our goal is to help clients get in touch with themselves, be true to themselves, and care for themselves in healthy ways. Instead our measurements are that clients:

  • Become more self-aware of their body and their feelings
  • Use food for physical nourishment
  • Abstain from addictive behaviors
  • Deal with emotions without using food
  • Become more engaged in the outside world
  • Become more honest with themselves and others
  • Focus on internal indicators of well-being rather than external one


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